Murphy's Grass Farm

Our farm, in a nutshell

Welcome to Murphy's Grass Farm, a certified organic dairy farm in Sherman, New York. We're a family farm, owned and operated by Doug Murphy, M.D., Dana Murphy and children Pat, Julia and Daniel.

We purchased our 325 acres of woods, pastures and tillable land in 2000 and are currently milking 80 head of Jersey and mixed breed cattle.

As opposed to the confinement model of commercial dairies, our farm is a grazing operation -- in other words, a grass farm. Our mission is to produce food of the highest quality with the least impact on the environment.

In this space, we hope to tell the story of our farm. A new website is in the works!

Why buy local?

OK, it doesn't get more basic than this. When you support the family farms in your community or region, you keep more of your own money in your own community or state. You reduce the need for fuel to transport produce across the country (or even the oceans). Instead of enriching industrial farming, you support family farmers who have a personal interest in conservation and preservation.

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